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July 3, 2012 / normandlou

Swatch: Maybelline Color Show Amethyst Ablaze


This is my first Color Show Polish. I have said many times that I LOVE drug store polishes. Of course I love all the pricey brands too, but I have a ton of success with the inexpensive brands. This gem is no exception. This color is beautiful!!! If you love metallics, you will love this polish.
It was opaque after one coat, but I added two just for good measure and to hide some of the stringy bits from the cotton pad I had just used to take off my old mani. Don’t you hate that!!
The formula was a little thick and the brush wasn’t the best, but it was very very easy to get a smooth application.
You can be sure that I will be trying more of these polishes, especially when they sell for around 2 dollars on sale!!



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  1. Dinosquarerobot / Jul 3 2012 8:40 pm

    Reblogged this on DINOSQUAREROBOT and commented:
    This is so beautiful! I think cheap nail polish (like less than $10) works just as well or sometimes better than the high end brands.

    • normandlou / Jul 3 2012 8:57 pm

      I couldn’t agree more. I love cheap nail polish and I’ve had lots of success with it!! This was a great surprise. Thanks for the reblog!

  2. Adventures in Polishland / Jul 3 2012 9:24 pm

    this is beautiful! I haven’t tried this brand yet, but I’ll definitely have to.

  3. Kellie / Jul 6 2012 6:37 pm

    You said ‘but I have a ton of success with the expensive brands’….I think you meant Inexpensive….right??

    • normandlou / Jul 6 2012 9:52 pm

      yes!!! thanks I will fix it right now. duh!

  4. zinchantataru1986 / Sep 18 2012 1:15 am

    Reblogged this on Cassie Brown Pad.

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